The Not-So-Boring Gift Guide For Her!

Gift Guide for Her

Wow, it’s already the last month of the year. How did the year go so fast?

While you may wonder what you’ve been doing for the past 11 months, let it sink in that it’s already December which means that, the holidays are here! One of the things I look forward to is Christmas because I get to spend it with the people who are most important to me. Other than that, I am most excited about the gifts and the food, especially the food. While Christmas started as a celebration for Christians to commemorate the birth of the child Jesus, it has evolved into a time for everyone to gather and exchange presents. I love how people are extra generous during the Christmas season. Those Christmas carols must have been doing their job, huh? Though gift-giving is fun, it’s sometimes difficult to find that perfect gift especially to the people who matter. We at Solace Jewellery are here to help you with fantastic, not-so-common ideas on what to give as presents. Let’s start with the ladies of your life. May it be for your mum, wife, sister, girlfriend or co-worker, we have something for everyone.


What do they say about diamonds? Right, that they are a girl’s best friend. If you have the extra cash to part ways with, get your mum those pair of diamond stud earrings that she’s always been checking. This may not be enough to thank her for all the years she spent and sacrifices made in taking care of you (not to mention the whole 9 months she carried you), but the bling will surely put a wide smile on her face. Not everyone has a lot of cash to spare though and we are with you on that. A great alternative would be a pair of hypoallergenic earrings such as this clear Cubic Zirconia surgical steel earrings.

Let’s not forget grandma! You can get her a pair of classic pearl hypoallergenic earrings, too. It looks timeless just like her. These are elegant enough but won’t break the bank. However, the downside of some cheap jewellery is that it may irritate the skin due to the metals used, so look for our products that are made of surgical stainless steel as they reduce the chance of her getting allergies.

If she is not too keen on a pair of earrings, you can give her a necklace or a bracelet. Charm bracelets are great as friendship bracelets for you and the best friend. It’s not corny, it’s actually really cute. The important thing is for you to know her sense of style so you can choose something that she would in fact, wear. I always get secretly thrilled whenever I see mum or grandma wear something that I personally picked out for her. It makes me feel appreciated.


 You might ask..Really, a bathrobe? Why?

Well, why not? Bathrobes are the perfect loungewear especially in cold winter days. There’s nothing like melting into a soft, cozy robe on lazy days..or when all of your clothes are in the laundry. You see, the uses of a bathrobe are endless but let’s discuss that in another time.

For your partner, give her a plush fleece robe especially since the holidays can be very cold. To make it extra special, get her one of those aromatherapy candles and some bubble bath for some home spa sessions. Who knows, she might ask you to share the tub with her.

As for your BFF, get matching satin robes monogrammed with your names so you can all pretend to be VS Angels in your next sleepover. Decide among you who gets to be Gigi and Kendall. Better yet, just be yourselves!


I am not kidding on this one so hear me out. Indoor plants such as succulents have been gaining popularity thanks to Instagram and other social media sites. It is a perfect accessory to a flatlay and makes a space more pleasing to the eyes. One doesn’t have to be a green thumb as it is also relatively easy to take care of, too! This is great as a present to co-workers and friends who can’t seem to make up their minds on what to receive for Christmas, aside from your sister who genuinely loves plants of course.  To make it more personal, transfer the succulents to planters that you feel would best represent the person you are giving it to. No need for fancy things since you can use a mug or a bowl. Also, choose those that are very good air filters. Aloe vera, among other plants, is considered to be a good air purifier according to NASA. You are not only making their space pretty, you are also somewhat helping them to have a healthy environment.

Magazine Subscription

Pretty sure you have that friend who is an avid reader of Kinfolk (as evidenced by her Instagram feed) so it would be totally nifty to gift her  a subscription. A subscription of her favourite magazine or newspaper shows you pay attention to her interests, which is a big deal if you ask me. Most magazines or publications now have online subscriptions which tends to be cheaper and they also have an option for gift subscriptions on their websites. Also, this makes it easier for you because you don’t have to go to the  shopping centre anymore since you can do it in the comfort of your home (thank you, internet).


Shape..what? Yes, they exist. Body positivity is great and it’s a good thing but sometimes, women would want to wear clothes that are quite unforgiving in showing  those bumps they want to smooth out. Hey, even Beyonce wears them! Your significant other will love you even more because she can finally slip in that bandage dress that she’s been wanting to wear for your anniversary date. Happy wife (or girlfriend), happy life!

These are not your typical gift ideas, save maybe for the jewellery (but it’s a classic), so rest assured that your gifts will stand out from the rest. Also, if you insist on going the common and “traditional” route of giving perfumes, toiletries or picture frames as gifts, make it more personal at least by including a short note. Whatever you pick out for her, may it be the most affordable hypoallergenic earrings or the most expensive gold cuff, what’s important is that it is given wholeheartedly. After all what’s the point in giving if it’s forced, right?

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