5 Tips For Dressing the Kids in Summer 

Summer time means holidays, play days and plenty of family time. It also means hot weather. And whilst we can’t get enough of the sunshine and light nights, the heat can have us feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. And it’s the same for our little ones.  

None of us want our kids to suffer from sleepless nights. Or worse still, sunburn. That’s why we’re bringing you this handy guide to Kids summer clothing that will keep them comfy as well as protected. And of course looking and feeling cool!  

1. Dress Them in Cotton 

We’re all at risk of overheating when temperatures soar. So be sure to keep your kids cool by dressing them in natural fibres like 100% cotton. Loose-fitting and lightweight cotton is a great summer fabric as it allows the skin to breathe and sweat to evaporate. Which means your little one is less likely to suffer from irritation.  

For babies, look out for short-sleeved cotton baby grows and socks to cover their feet. You might be tempted to let them go barefoot in their pram when it’s hot, but cotton socks are essential to stop their delicate toes from burning. And cotton PJs are a must for all ages!  

2. Stick To Light Colours  

Stay away from dark colours that will absorb heat. Instead, opt for light colours that won’t make your little one too hot. White is always a great shout but pastel shades are having a real moment right now and you’ll find plenty of cool kid's clothes following the trend.  

3. Look Out for Clothes with In-built Protection  

If you’re heading to the beach or planning to be outside for a long time, invest in clothes that come with UPF sun protection. An item of clothing with a UPF20 rating means that only 1/20th of the sun’s harmful UV rays will pass through it.  

You can even buy special sun protection detergent that you simply add to the wash to make your own daily clothes UV resistant. It doesn’t discolour the clothes or make them feel any different and will last for a couple of washes!  

4. Don’t Let Them Leave Home Without a Hat  

Hats should be a staple of your kid’s summer wardrobe. A good, wide brimmed hat will protect their neck, ears, forehead and face. Try to find ones with chin straps and that all important UV protection if it’s for a tiny head. Caps will do the job for fashion conscious preteens. Just make sure you slather exposed places in lots of sun cream.  

5. Let Them Express Themselves  

Kids summer fashion is all about bold colours and patterns. So it’s a great time to let them explore their personality and have fun with their clothes. Give them lots of options, let them mix and match or clash as much as they want. It will all add to the joy of the holidays.  

And don’t forget to let them accessorise as much as they want too. Think sunglasses, head bands and some fun summer jewellery! Our range of children’s earrings is packed full of quirky designs that will put a smile of their face. We’ve got mermaid, watermelon, cupcake, pineapple, ice-cream and even avocado stud earrings! Plus a whole host of their favourite animals to choose from. And they all come with the added bonus of being made out of hypoallergenic stainless steel so they’re perfect for little ones with sensitive ears too.