4 Great Ways To Store and Organise Your Jewellery

Getting your jewellery storage right can be a little bit tricky. You want to make sure your collection is kept safe and secure. But you also want it to be easily accessible when you’re getting ready. For some people, there could be no other option than a classic jewellery box that keeps everything arranged in handy compartments. But for others, the thought of shutting their favourite items away is a big no no. Whichever storage option you prefer, we know it needs to look just as stunning as what you’re putting inside. Which is why we’ve picked four storage solutions that are as stylish as they are practical.  

1. The Jewellery Box 

A jewellery box or case is a timeless way to keep all your favourite pieces safe and in one place. All good jewellery cases will have different sections that allow you to store everything from your bracelets and necklaces to your rings and multiple styles of earrings.   

Here at Solace, we have five different options to suit your taste and requirements. There’s our two large rectangle cases (one with mirror and one without) which have been specially designed to store and display your earring collection to its full potential. Both have slots for all your rings, stud earrings, drop earrings and hoops. You can even store necklaces in the handy pocket if you opt for the no mirror option. 

We also have a small round case and two smaller square cases with either a single or double opening. All of which are perfect if you have a slightly more modest collection or are looking for a travel case to slip into your hand luggage.  

2. The Luxury Jewellery Drawer  

Jewellery drawer organisers are a trend that’s grown in popularity thanks to home décor influencers on social media. And we have to admit, there's something very impressive about pulling out a whole drawer of your dresser to reveal a stunning jewellery collection.

Devoting a whole drawer to your jewellery is also practical as you’ll be able to see every piece you own at once. Which means there’s no faffing trying to find things when you’re getting ready. To turn an existing drawer into an organiser, all you need to do is find the correct sized insert with a layout that works for you.  

3. Contemporary Jewellery Displays  

If you want to see your beautiful pieces even when you’re not wearing them, a jewellery display is for you. It can be as quirky and as original as you like. So long as it has hooks or rails for you to dangle things from, anything can be used as a creative jewellery organiser.  

As well as looking amazing and adding character to a room, jewellery displays have practical benefits too. By hanging your necklaces, bracelets and drop earrings you’ll avoid them getting tangled. And by storing them up on the wall, you’ll save on surface space too.  

4. Trinket Dishes and Boxes  

Trinket dishes and boxes are great if you want a safe spot to put frequently worn jewellery. They’re great to have by the side of your bed so you can easily store your favourite rings or a pair of stud earrings when you take them off at night.  

Our gorgeous rectangle and on-trend hexagon trinket dishes are made from recycled shell which gives them their stylish mottled design. You can even mix and match with different dishes to group items together how you wish.