5 Style Rules You Should Break Immediately

Women’s fashion magazines are packed full of handy style tips to keep you looking fresh. But they’re also guilty of telling you to stick to a whole load of fashion “rules” that are a load of nonsense.  

Listening to myths like “never wear black with brown” is only going to limit your sense of personal style and individuality. Not to mention the fact you’ll be missing out on one of the biggest catwalk trends of 2021! So, with that in mind, here’s 5 style rules you should stop paying attention to right now.  


Don’t Mix Gold and Silver Jewellery  

Celebs and fashion bloggers have well and truly debunked this myth in recent years. Now mixing and matching metals is one of the hottest jewellery trends around.  

Layering gold and silver necklaces is one way to rock this look. As is stacking rings and wearing stud earrings with different coloured hoops. You can even throw in some rose gold for a tri-coloured ensemble. 

Some of our collection, like our Open Triangle Hypoallergenic Earrings and Lightening Bold Studs, are available in all three colourways and lots more are available in gold and silver so you can mix and match to your hearts content. Plus, all our gold, silver and rose gold coloured jewellery is actually made is from stainless steel or titanium so they’re perfect for those with sensitive ears too.  

Never Wear Black with Navy  

There was once a time when wearing navy blue trousers with black shoes would cause a few raised eyebrows amongst your friends or colleagues. But mixing dark shades can actually create a look with depth and intrigue.  

The trick is to create a contrast with shades that are different enough to look intentional. Try teaming a lighter navy top with a pitch-black skirt for an elegant combination.  

You Should “Dress Your Age”  

Have you ever looked at an outfit in the mirror and wondered if it’s “too young” for you? This is one myth that needs dispelling as soon as possible. Because who gets to decide what we should and shouldn’t wear at any age other than ourselves?  

So, forget society's expectations and concentrate on wearing whatever makes you feel good about yourself.  

Don’t Wear Black with Brown  

This is another ridiculous colour combo myth that’s been proved wrong time and time again. Blending black with tans and caramels is a go to look for fashionistas so don’t miss out by following this silly rule.  

Don’t Leave Your House in Joggers  

This one might not have made our list a few years ago. But the upscaled loungewear trend that emerged from lockdown has put joggers well and truly on the fashion map. With the right accessories, like a pair of statement hoop earrings, joggers can be turned into an edgy outfit that can be worn everywhere from work to the club. The ultimate mix of style and comfort!