5 Selfcare Tips for Darker Nights

Autumn is here and with it comes shorter days and darker nights. If you’re an early riser, chances are you’re already getting up before the sun in the morning. And there’s already only a few hours of light left once we've finished the 9-5.  

We love the cosiness that Autumn brings but this lack of sunshine can take its toll on our mental health. But you certainly won’t be alone if you start finding things a bit more difficult over the next few weeks and months. And whilst we can’t bring back the sunshine, we have put together this list of top selfcare tips to help you find the light as things get darker.  

1. Don’t Feel Guilty About Sleeping More 

It’s in our nature to want to curl up in bed when the sun rises late and sets early. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you find it harder to get up in the morning. If you want to get an early night or take a nap after work then go for it. Plenty of sleep is what your brain needs to stay healthy and feeling good.  

2. Take Some Quiet Time 

It’s easy to feel like you’re working more as we head into autumn. Especially when the days seem a lot shorter after 5pm. But it’s important to make sure you still find some time to relax and unwind once you’ve closed the laptop.  

You might want to read a book, take a bath or even try your hand at meditation. Find yourself a quiet spot somewhere in your house. Sit and focus on your breathing and try to imagine a light filling your body from head to toe. Stay there for as long as you feel comfortable and then open your eyes when you’re ready. It might feel strange at first but you’ll soon feel like you’ve just be kissed by some sunshine each time you do it.  

3. Do Things That Make You Happy  

Find time to speak friends you can count on to lift your mood. Watch your favourite film, play games with your family and look through photos that bring back good memories. All these things are the perfect antidote to the autumnal blues.  

4. And Don’t Do Anything You Don’t Want To Do 

Try not to push yourself too hard if you’ve got less energy. Instead of stretching yourself too thin with a busy social calendar, make sure you pick and choose the things that are the most important to you. There’s nothing wrong with saying no to after work drinks if it means you enjoy meeting up with your besties more at the weekend.  

5. Bring the Colour and Fun 

Make up for the lack of sunshine by dressing in bright and vibrant colours. Wear fun and funky things that make you feel good and bring a smile to you face. Things like our flamingo or tropical watermelon stud earrings. Or how about our sundial huggie hoops? These hypoallergenic earrings are the perfect reminder of the glorious sunshine we love so much.