5 Stocking Filler Ideas They’ll Love

There’s nothing better than waking up on Christmas morning and finding a festive stocking full of wonderful little gifts. In fact, those thoughtful touches can mean more than the bigger, more expensive gifts under the tree.  

But we know that finding things that are both creative and personal without breaking the bank is no easy feat. But don’t worry, help is on hand. Here’s five ideas that manage to tick all those boxes and more.  

1. A Jewellery Box or Trinket Dish  

Jewellery boxes and trinket dishes make excellent presents for loved ones of any age. Little ones can keep they’re collection of keepsakes and childhood treasures safe whilst adults will love a stylish way to organise their jewellery.  

For the perfect stocking-sized pressie, choose between our traditional small square or round jewellery cases. Or for something with a modern twist, check out our terrazzo hexagon lidded trinket box made from recycled shells.  

2. Personalised Socks.  

Ok, hear us out. We know unwrapping socks can be a bit of a let-down on Christmas morning. But not when some real time and thought has gone into creating a pair that's truly unique. Which is a lot easier than you may think.  

A quick search online will bring up tons of sites that allow you to upload your own pictures to create a pair of quirky footwarmers. Think your face. Your dog's face. Your grandma’s face. Anything goes!  

3. A Pair of Christmas Stud Earrings. 

Earrings are a timeless stocking filler as they’re dinky enough to slip into the smallest of parcels and sure to stand the test of time way past boxing day. And the great thing about our range of hypoallergenic studs is that there’s something to suit every budget this Christmas.  

For under £15, you can treat your little one to a pair of novelty reindeer or candy cane stainless steel studs. Or for under £18, you can pick up a pair of our glam wreath CZ stud earrings for that certain someone. Then for something extra special, there’s our stocking filler sets made up of our best-selling pieces.  

4. Stainless Steel Reusable Straws 

Give someone the gift of sustainability with a set of funky, reusable metal straws. There’s a lot of different designs to choose from – straight, curved, coloured, textured or mini. Just make sure you pick a set that comes with mini brushes so they can be cleaned easily on the move. 

Whichever set you choose, you’ll be helping the recipient protect our environment by fighting the war on single use plastic. Which is a pretty good stocking filler if you ask us!  

5. A Gift Card  

We’ve all woken up on Christmas eve and panicked that we’ve not bought enough or missed someone off our list. First of all, it’s important to remember that Christmas shouldn’t mean you have to go crazy and overspend. But if you do think your stockings are looking a little light this year or you’ve forgotten to pick something up for Auntie Mabel, Solace has got you covered.  

Our gift cards are delivered to you by email ready to be printed out and delivered on the day. And with no additional processing fees, your loved one can spend every penny on something they’ll truly love.