Your Guide To Alternate Ear Piercings

If you suffer from sensitive ears and find you need nickel-free earrings, you may think that multiple ear piercings are not for you. However, many of the more unusual piercing spots on the ear are ideal for stainless steel jewellery and it's incredibly easy to find hypoallergenic earrings that also tie in beautifully with women's fashion trends.

If you fancy levelling-up from your simple stud earrings, check out these alternative piercing spots.


Often known as the standard cartilage piercing, the helix was very popular in the 90s and has continued to be on-trend right to this day. Located on the top part of the ear, it's perfectly placed for either a simple stud or a cute hoop earring.

Forward Helix

As the mirror opposite of the helix, the forward helix is located on the frontal cartilage of the ear. A small space, it's the ideal place for a dainty stud earring.


Not quite the lobe, not quite the helix - the orbital sits in the middle of the outside of the ear. Because of its versatile location, it's the ideal spot for either a simple stud earring or a more glitzy hoop.


This cartilage piercing is located within the upper part of the ear and is a vertically orientated piercing. For those who like this look, a cartilage hoop looks incredible and can either be kept super simple in plain gold or silver or with something a little more special such as a crystal-encrusted clicker hoop.


The innermost piece of cartilage, the Daith is a popular choice with celebrities (Kylie Jenner is a fan) and is rumoured to help with migraines as well. It's the perfect location for a bejewelled or simple hoop.


Located over the ear canal, the tragus looks like it could be one of the most painful locations to have an earring but it's actually really not! And, it looks amazing as well! If you fancy getting this for yourself, choose either a simple hoop or switch it up with a barbell hypoallergenic stud, for a striking, but subtle, piercing.

Piercing Chart

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