How To Rock The Nature-Inspired Jewellery Trend

If there’s any trend that’s perfect for summer, it’s nature-inspired jewellery. We’re talking flowers, bees, leaves and on-trend celestial designs. After a year in lockdown, it seems like we just can’t get enough of the great outdoors both in our lives and in our fashion choices. So, make sure you channel your inner earth goddess this season with our top picks of the best nature-inspired looks.  


Bee Jewellery  

The bee motif is a trend which we’ve seen reappear on clothes, home décor and jewellery season after season. Of course, there’s nothing cuter than the humble bumble bee. And the bright yellow colours associated with them are always a summer fave. But there’s also a serious reason behind the bee’s iconic status. With our ever-increasing awareness of sustainability, the bee has become a symbol of the devastating impact that climate change is having on our ecosystems. That’s why wearing one of these buzzy motifs has become a way to show our concern about the declining bee population. 

So, whether you’re a hardened eco-warrior or just can’t get enough of these popular pollinators, don’t miss out on our bee stud hypoallergenic earrings. Or for something a little jazzier, why not go for our paved bee cartilage piece with colourful crystals.  


Floral Jewellery  

Flowers have captured the imagination of artists for centuries. Indeed, some of the earliest examples of jewellery feature floral patterns and it’s not hard to see why. The beauty, vibrance and glamour of flowers make them perfect for accessories designed to make you look and feel radiant.  

Necklaces, bracelets, brooches and rings can all proudly display feminine florals. But nothing is more timeless than a chic flower stud. Our delicate 5 marquise petal stud earrings are perfect for special occasions and dressing up. Whilst our great range of CZ cartilage studs are a more dramatic and alternative take on the trend.  


Leaf Jewellery  

Leaves and tress are a modern twist on traditional florals. The simplicity of the design is more suited to everyday looks and gives off a rustic charm that will really appeal to true nature lovers. We have three different leaf designs across our range. There’s our dainty 3 leaf stud, our micro CZ paved leaf cartilage piece and our classic laurel style curved wheat earrings in gold or silver. All of them are of course completely allergy free so they’re perfect for sensitive ears too.  



Celestial Jewellery  

Moons and stars continue to dominate women’s fashion in 2021. Being associate with luck, love and protection, they make the perfect gift for that special someone if you’re looking for something a little more unique than hearts. There’s also something magical and mysterious about their cosmic beauty which will appeal to wandering souls and free spirits.  

From nose studs to ear cuffs, we have tons of different star options for you to choose from. But our absolute faves are our star and moon huggie hoops which blend both this season’s on-trend motif and earring style together.