Has summer arrived already?

Although the British summer officially starts in June, with the beautiful weather we've been enjoying it feels as though summer has already arrived! To ensure you are ready for the summer season to hit, make sure you have all the below essential items ready!


We all know UV rays can damage your skin, but how many of us apply it even on cloudy days? Not only do UV rays damage your skin, but they can also accelerate signs of ageing (sorry!) and cause dryness and irritation. Ensuring you wear sunscreen daily, and other protection such as a hat on high UV days will therefore help you to stay young! Top tip: apply sunscreen as the last step in your summer skincare routine.

Stud earrings

Have you been rocking the latest summer trends already? If not, it's time to get your hands on some diamond or flamingo shaped studs to be on-trend this summer. Studs are perfect for summer days as they subtly elevate an outfit without being high-maintenance.

Hair scarf

You know this, summer is not kind to our hair! From humid weather, to dryness caused by UV rays, our hair goes through a lot in summer. Instead of damaging your hair further with heat tools, use a hair scarf to wrap your hair up in fun and quirky styles. Wrapping your hair will also allow you to showcase some beautiful drop earrings. Try to use a hair mask weekly on your hair in summer to ensure it is hydrated and conditioned.


The best accessory you can have this summer is confidence! If you have long been putting off getting a cartilage piercing or dying your hair a bright colour because you are scared what others may think, then now is the time to embrace your inner confidence! This summer feeling good is just as important as looking good, and you must make this a priority.

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