Gym Jewellery: Your Guide to Wearing Jewellery Whilst Working Out

Gone are the days when going to the gym meant chucking on an old, baggy tee and a pair of trackie bottoms. In 2022, we’re all about carefully curated gym sets and stylish activewear. And like any great outfit, our gym looks deserve to be accessorised. But is it actually safe to wear jewellery whilst you exercise? 

The short answer is yes! So long as you wear the right pieces and take a few precautions, there’s no reason why you can’t rock some fab accessories the next time you hit the gym. Here’s our handy guide that tells you more.  


What Jewellery Should You Avoid Wearing to the Gym? 

First things first, know that there definitely are some types of jewellery that you should avoid working out in. Pieces that are gold-plated, gold-filled or made from nickel, copper or brass are all big no-nos.  

One of the reasons being that your sweat will tarnish and ultimately corrode these metals every time you pick up the pace. And another being the fact that low-quality metals like copper and nickel will turn your skin that dreaded ugly green colour as it reacts with the salt in your sweat.  

What About Allergies? 

Those of us prone to skin allergies should avoid wearing jewellery that contains nickel at all costs as the friction from working out can make any reaction even worse. Even a mild allergy can turn into an angry rash or painful lumps when sweat and chafing are thrown into the mix.



So What Jewellery Is Safe to Wear to the Gym? 

As a general rule, solid gold and sterling silver is safe to wear to gym. Although you’ll want bear in mind that both are quite soft metals that can scratch on weights or gym equipment. You’ll also have to give them both a thorough clean now and again to bring back their shine after being exposed to excess oils.  

But the queen of the gym has to be hypoallergenic stainless-steel jewellery. It’s waterproof, showerproof, swim AND sweat proof. Not to mention completely durable to withstand every workout routine.  

What Bracelets and Necklaces Are Safe to Wear to the Gym?  

Play it safe with bracelets and necklaces that are lightweight and dainty. Avoid too many charms or overly large pendants that will jangle as you move and get in the way. Length is especially important when it comes to necklaces. Anything over 48mm can pose a risk of getting tangled or worse, causing injury by getting caught in gym equipment. But luckily, you don’t need to worry about that with Solace’s new collection of lightweight and gym ready stainless-steel necklaces. 

What Earrings Are Safe to Wear to the Gym? 

Huggie hoops and classic stainless steel stud earrings are your best bet when it comes to working out. Both are small enough to avoid snagging whilst the stainless steel means you can keep them in all day long without fear of irritation or tarnishing. Browse our extensive range of both to find your perfect gym partner today.