Fashion advice for new mums

As a new parent, you may think that those days of seeking out new fashions and wearing jewellery are over, but you are wrong. Every new mum deserves to feel fabulous and wearing a pair of new earnings and a slick of lipstick can do you the world of good. Not only will it give you a boost of confidence, but it also reminds you that you too are important. Earrings are a simple way to show your personality and to create a fashion statement that is also practical when caring for a new baby.

Everyday wear

The perfect choice of earring when caring for your baby at home is simple stud earrings. Surgical steel earrings are also the obvious choice if you have any slight skin irritation or sensitivity. You don't want to be distracted by sore or itchy ears lobes as a new mum. Stud earrings are simple, yet elegant and understated. More importantly, they won't get in the way of you caring for your baby, and there is no danger of baby grabbing your earring. The great news is that there are so many styles of stud earring to choose from. A cubic zirconia surgical steel stud earring can be worn with any outfit, as can a simple silver ball hypoallergenic earring.

Going to baby groups or meeting friends

When venturing out of the house, why not go for a more elaborate or colourful stud earring to give you that instant lift? There are so many shapes, sizes and colours to choose from to match any outfit or mood. The rose gold star is a different take on the round stud, while a white pearl stud is a gorgeous classic. You simply can't go wrong.

Date night

When you have arranged a babysitter so that you can enjoy an evening out with your partner, then you can really wear whatever you like, and this includes your choice of earrings. Be as adventurous as you can. Wear exquisite drop hypoallergenic earrings that feature shimmering glass beads, or choose a dramatic hoop. Here at Solace Jewellery, we have a vast range of hypoallergenic earrings to suit all new mums who have sensitive ears. To find out more about our fabulous earrings and to learn more hints and fashion tips, then please do browse our website today.