Everything You Need to Know About Garnet: January’s Birthstone

Are you shopping for a January birthday? Or perhaps you’re a January baby looking to treat yourself this month. Either way, look no further than January’s birthstone, Garnet.

This fiery gemstone is the perfect antidote to the January blues. It also comes with a history packed with symbolism and mystery. Read on to find out more. 

The History of Garnet

It's thought that Garnets were one of the first gemstones discovered by man. Their history goes back more than 5000 years and they were discovered among artifacts from the Ancient Egyptian civilisation.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans were also great lovers of Garnet. They used them to show off their wealth and status and as part of trade deals with other empires.

What Colour Are Garnets?

When most people think of Garnets, they think of a deep-red stone. In fact, the word “Garnet” derives from the early French word for pomegranate: “pomme grenate.” But the wider term "garnet” actually refers to a variety of gemstones which come in a variety of colours including oranges, reds, pinks, and extremely sought after greens. But it’s the classic red stones that remain the most popular colour in jewellery today.

Where are Garnets found?

Evidence suggests that the Greeks and Romans sourced the earliest Garnets from India, Sri Lanka, and South Asia.

In modern times, however, different types of garnet have been found in a wide range of locations. Pyropes (deep red stones with a brown tint) are mostly sourced from South Africa, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. While Almandite (the most common red garnets with a violet tint), can be mostly found in India, Brazil, and the USA. Additional types of garnet have also been found in Kenya, Russia and Finland to name but a few places.

What Do Garnets Symbolise? 

Historically, garnets were thought to cure the wearer of depression and bring success to any of their business ventures. They were also thought to increase the owner’s self-esteem and protect them from other peoples' evil intentions.

Nowadays, the deep red coloured garnets are associated with love and friendship. The stone is also thought to promote self-love and give the wearer luck in everything they do.

Are Garnets Expensive? 

Like other gems, the value of garnets depends on the quality of clarity, cut and carat weight. Colour also plays an important factor. Vibrant oranges and raspberry reds are some of the most sought after. But it’s the beautiful green Tsavorite gems that are the most expensive. Tsavorite stones over two carats are extremely rare so come with the highest price tag.

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