Everything You Need to Know About Amethyst: February’s Birthstone

Provide a bit of extra warmth and energy this coming month in the form of February’s birthstone, Amethyst. Once reserved for royalty, this luscious gem is sure to brighten up any February baby’s day whether it’s a gift for yourself or that special someone in your life. Here’s everything you need to know about these natural beauties.  

The History of Amethyst.

Amethyst has a long association with historical gods and goddesses. Take the ancient Greeks for example. To them, the stone’s colour resembled that of red wine so it became linked to the wine god, Bacchus. In fact, even the word Amethyst has a boozy connection as it derives from the Greek word amethystos or “not intoxicate.” The Greeks would therefore wear and create drinking cups out of the stone believing it would prevent them from getting too drunk. We’d love to know how that turned out!

Amethyst has also long been connected with royalty with many important crowns and religious jewellery pieces containing the stone. Catherine the Great of Russia in particular had a vast collection of amethyst jewels.

Where is Amethyst found? 

The majority of amethysts were found in Russia up until the 19th century when large quantities were discovered in Brazil. This was the start of the gem becoming more widely available outside of high society.

Nowadays, places such as Africa, South America and Bolivia are rich sources for the jewel as are the US states Arizona and North Carolina.

What Colour is Amethyst? 

Unlike some gemstones, all Amethysts are a purple variety of quartz but the hues can range from paler violets to deep, reddish wine colours. The purple tints come from the presence of iron which can sometimes lead to uneven colour distribution in the stones.

What Does Amethyst Symbolise?

The soothing purple tones of amethyst are said to symbolise peace, a clear mind and calming energy. On top of that, it’s meant to bring serenity, purity and understanding to the wearer. It also protects against negative energies and provides relaxing dreams whilst similtaniously enhancing your psychic abilities. What more could you want from your jewellery!?

How Expensive is Amethyst?

Due to its availability, amethyst is one of the more affordable gemstones. But that said, pure and untreated amethyst gems are harder to come by which is reflected in their price tag. Colour also plays an important factor with vivid stones being more highly sought-after and valuable than paler varieties.

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Whichever you choose from you’re sure to cherish this beautiful gem for years to come.