Classic, statement, minimalistic... what should you choose?

Everyone knows that accessorising is one of the most imaginative ways to enhance an outfit, and the simplest way of doing so is with jewellery. You can do this by donning a pair of go-to earrings and a lovely necklace. Here are three types of earrings that will look great on you, no matter what you're wearing and what season it is.


Hoops have always been timeless and add just the right amount of luminosity to a look. The secret to the perfect hoop is finding one which isn't too bulky and has just the right amount of lustre. By owning a pair of hoops in both gold and silver, you'll never have to worry about refining your classy look again.


The best part about statement earrings, is that they make you stand out, no matter the size. This type of earring can be combined with an edgier outfit for a night out, or you can wear it throughout the day with a casual look to elevate your style. The aim is to create bold confidence, that holds everyone around you to stop and stare at your elegant look.

Minimal and simplistic

If you want something that will compliment your outfit but to not be too large, then some solid circular earrings or studs will do nicely. These types of earrings can be paired with something as plain as a t-shirt and enhance your minimal day look. To add something simple yet with a little bit of colour to an outfit, try the Gold Circle Stud w/ Turquoise Stud Hypoallergenic Earrings at Solace Jewellery.

At Solace Jewellery, our hypoallergenic jewellery is perfect if you have sensitive skin. Our extensive range has something for everyone and every occasion, whether it be the school pickup or an evening out. It also allows you to experiment with different styles to find that right combination. Browse our website today and happy shopping!