Choosing the Right Earring Backs for You

We all know that earrings come in many different styles. From dazzling drops to simple studs, you’ll find a shape to suit your vibe. But it’s not just the front of your earrings that have the power to impress. How your earrings close and stay in place is also key to achieving that picture perfect fit. But what’s the difference between a butterfly back and a lock back? And how do you know which is right for you? Read our guide to find out.  

Butterfly Backs

Sometimes known as “push backs” or “friction backs,” you’ll find these on the majority of classic stud earrings. First you need to push the earring post through the ear. Then slide the back up the post until it comfortably reaches the earlobe. On some earrings, the posts have notches that help the back stay in place.  

Many people choose butterfly backs because they are easy to use, affordable and readily available. But the downside is that they can be lost if not stored properly when you take your earrings off. We’d suggest always keeping your butterfly backed earrings in a trinket box or jewellery case to avoid this. But fear not if one does disappear. You can easily replace them here.  

Screw or Locking Backs  

If you are prone to losing things, locking backs are the one for you. But not all locking backs are made equally. There are the more traditional screw backs that have threaded posts the backs wind onto. Making them great for security but a little bit fiddly if you’re in a rush. Or something more advanced like the Lox Secure Locking Backs. 

These easy-to-use backs are simply slid into place but won’t be released until you squeeze the metal clip on the back. They’re great for little ones who like to fiddle with their ears or if you want some peace of mind the next time you wear those expensive pair of studs you’d never want to be without. And as an added bonus, they’re hypoallergenic making them perfect for those with sensitive ears too.  

Saddle Backs

Usually found on hoops, saddle backs have a hinged post that click into a groove at the back of the earring. Their style allows the hoop to dangle freely whilst staying secure.  

Swan Necks / Fish Hooks

This style of earring actually has no back at all and is instead held in place by the length and shape of the hooked metal. They look great and are easy to put in but you do run the risk of losing them if they get caught in your clothes or hair. Luckily, the lox backs mentioned above can also be added to this style of earring to give you extra security.