Allergic To Cheap Costume Jewellery?

Having sensitive skin is really difficult because you have to be mindful of a lot of things that come in contact with your, well, skin. This is not limited to skin care and makeup, but applies to jewellery too. If you have sensitive skin, there is a big chance that you might have metal allergies. This is such a pain especially to those who love to accessorise.

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Aside from the fact that it gives you skin problems (itching, redness, rashes and etc.), it is also painful to the pockets because you have no choice but to buy expensive jewellery since they usually contain less reactive metals. This previous post talks about the health risks in buying cheap costume jewellery, and it appears that allergic reactions are the most common issue.

“I love my accessories and I have metal allergies. How can I have the best of both worlds?”

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

First of all, you have to acknowledge that you have metal allergies. Fashion over comfort may be your motto but in this situation, you have to reconsider because your skin is your body’s first line of defence. A break in the skin is a room for bacteria and other harmful organisms to get into your system. We don’t want that!  Also, I'm pretty sure you don’t want to live with the itching, rashes and unsightly scabs that could leave ugly marks. If skin irritation begins to develop (usually starts with itching), remove the jewellery immediately. Prolonged contact on the skin will make it worse, especially when exposed to sweat and/or moisture because that is what makes the metals react. Have you noticed how itchy and painful that cheap necklace became when you were sweating or that ring after you repeatedly washed your hands? Also, it is important to note that increased exposure to these metals, especially nickel, makes you more prone to develop the allergy, even if you have never experienced it in the past. If you thought that constantly wearing these pieces of jewellery will make your skin get used to them, sadly you’re wrong. (I used to think the same way, too!)

So, what are the options?

Thanks to science and the advancements in technology, we can still enjoy accessorising despite having metal allergies without having to spend a fortune.

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 The answer is hypoallergenic jewellery! There are a few options to consider and surgical steel hypoallergenic jewellery is one of them. It is used by medical professionals so we can say that it is safe. Though can not be promised as 100% hypoallergenic, the rate of allergic reaction from surgical steel is very low. If you're wondering where to buy surgical steel earrings, necklace and bracelets, look no further! Solace Jewellery is entirely dedicated to ensuring everyone can wear the jewellery they desire! Take a look at our collection and try them for yourself.

In addition, if you have a piece of jewellery and you are not sure if it contains metals that would cause irritation, a metal-testing kit will come in handy. It is very easy to use and it won't take too much of your time. Put some of the solution on a cotton ball, rub on the jewellery in question and check if there is a change in the solution's colour. If it does, the jewellery may have some metals that will cause a reaction. These kits are readily available and you can even purchase one online.