7 Ways to Make the Most of Spooky Season All Month Long

It’s that time of year again when the nights are darker and there’s a hint of autumnal magic in the air. If you’re anything like us, October is all about embracing your spooky self and getting excited for Halloween. But why should we have to wait until the 31st when there’s frighteningly good fun to be had all month long? Here’s 7 of the best ideas to make the most of spooky season this year.

1. Create a Halloween Playlist. 

Create a playlist full of all your favourite horror-inspired tunes and play it loud and proud whenever you get chance this month. Make sure you include theme tunes from your favourite films as well as songs that are connected to special memories from Halloween’s gone by.

2. It’s Time for Pumpkin Everything

We all know that pumpkins are the symbol of Halloween so make sure you embrace them as much as possible all month. We’re talking pumpkin candles, wax melts, lattes, ornaments, desserts, accessories (like our Ghost & Pumpkin Hypoallergenic Earrings) and of course the real deals themselves!

3. Go Crazy with Halloween Crafts.

The list of things you can make to celebrate Halloween all month long is endless. You could knit a scarf covered in spiders, create a Halloween wreath complete with mini pumpkins for your front door or make cards to send to your other Halloween obsessed pals.

4. Go for a Tarot Card Reading.

Having your tarot cards read can be an eye opening experience even for the biggest skeptics among you. Not all readers believe that their seeing into the future but rather picking up on your energy and feelings through intuition to interpret the cards. October is the perfect time to try it if you’re curious!

5. Reverse Trick-Or-Treat.

Make spooky season more meaningful for your little ones by helping them put together a donation box for a local charity or food bank. Or create a good will or book swap box for your neighbours to give back to your local community. That way your little ones will appreciate their sweets haul even more when Halloween itself rolls around.

6. Send a Spooky Care Package to a Loved One.

Does your BFF love Halloween as much as you? Or perhaps you have special Halloween memories with a member of your family. If so, consider sending them a special little “thinking of you” package this month packed with ghoulish goodies and treats. Things like a DVD of their scary movie, handmade chocolates and a pair of our ultra-cute Halloween stainless steel stud earrings. We’ve got lots of choice like spiders, bats, ghosts and black cats for you to pick from.

7. Go On a Ghost Walk or Tour of Somewhere Known to Be Haunted.

There are tons of places that hold ghost walks all year round due to the famous spooks that are said to haunt them. You’ll find some of the best ones in places with a lot of history like Chester, York, Norwich, London or Edinburgh. Or places with a special literary connection like Whitby and Dracula. But of course there are many small towns up and down the country that are said to have their fair share of ghosts so be sure to look out for local events too.