5 of the Best Baby Shower Gifts for Mums-To-Be.

Is it just us or does everyone seem to be having lockdown babies? Barely a week goes by without another friend or family member announcing they’re expecting a little bundle of joy! Maybe it’s a sign that we’ve had a lot of time on our hands over the past few months. Or perhaps the pandemic has given people a new perspective on life and what family means to them. Whatever the reason, we’re totally here for it!  

But this increase in mommas-to-be has also led to the birth of a new phenomenon – the online baby shower! And whilst it’s might be acceptable to move the fun and games online, the same can’t be said for those all-important gifts. Luckily, we’ve put together this list of fabulous ideas that can be either sent in the post or saved for in-person showers later in the year.  

1. Something to Help the Baby Sleep  

Planning ahead and giving the gift of a goodnight sleep is perhaps the best thing you could possibly buy a mum-to-be. And there are plenty of nifty inventions out there that can help you do just that.  

There are soft toys that mimic the sound of a heartbeat. Mattresses designed to feel like the womb. Nightlights that help baby’s circadian rhythms and encourage regular sleep patterns. The list goes on! Whichever option you choose, you’re sure to be in the good books when mum avoids the torture of sleep deprivation once baby arrives. 

2. Keepsake Jewellery 

It’s an old tradition, particularly amongst family members, to buy keepsake jewellery for a newborn. But there’s no reason why you can’t gift it before the birth either. The idea is that the piece marks the baby's arrival into the world and is then saved until they’re old enough to wear it.  

We have lots of cute mini hypoallergenic stud earrings in a range of shapes (our faves are the hearts or stars!) that would be perfect for this. And the fact that they’re all allergy free means that even little ones with sensitive skin can wear them.  

3. Jewellery Boxes  

In addition to jewellery itself, jewellery boxes are also a lovely idea. Especially if you’re after something a little different. As well as accessories, the box for baby can be used to store all the little trinkets they’ll acquire over the years – perhaps even their first tooth!  

Our jewellery boxes come in small and large options so you why not buy mum a matching one as a little treat for herself too?

4. Personalised Blankets 

Any gift that can be personalised with baby’s name is sure to be a hit. Blankets are both practical and have the added advantage of not being size dependent. Which means that they can be used straight away and then long after the baby has arrived.  

Go with a classic knitted or embroidered style or opt for one that helps parents document their little one’s milestones. Look out for ones with accessories that help you mark the day, month or year of the baby's age. These can be great props for photographs that will be treasured forever.  

5. A Hospital Bag with Goodies  

Pack a bag with everything mum is likely to need when she goes into hospital. Think slippers, fluffy socks, body lotions, nightdresses, hairbrush and wipes. Anything which will make her stay comfortable and stress-free. Look out for bags that could double up as nappy bags after the birth too.