4 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas That You Can Make at Home.

If you’re anything like us, your Christmas planning is well underway as we move further into November. And we bet buying an advent calendar is right up there near the top of your list. Because we all know it wouldn’t be Christmas without the exciting anticipation of counting down to the main festivities.  

When we think of advent calendars, we usually picture your average, supermarket bought cardboard versions. Ones which contain repetitive chocolates and are packed full of excessive plastic packaging which goes straight in the bin on the 25th. But have you considered an alternative?

Read on for 4 of the very best waste cutting, DIY advent calendars that you can make yourself at home.

1. Use a Shoe Organiser

Did you know that most hanging shoe organisers have exactly 24 pockets? The perfect amount for counting down to Crimbo. To turn one into a reusable advent calendar, simply fill the pockets with little treats, decorate with numbers and you're good to go. Afterwards, you can even use it as a regular shoe organiser before bringing it out again next year!

2. Upcycle Toilet Roll Cardboard Tubes

First, you’ll need to stock up on 24 cardboard tubes. Once you’ve got those, you can fill them with little goodies before stuffing the ends with some recycled paper. Add on cut out numbers and arrange the tubes in a triangular tree shape. To ensure they stay in place, you could even fashion yourself a triangular frame using an old shoebox (or pallet wood if you’re a DIY expert!).

3. Fill Glass Jars with Little Treats.

Gather together glass jars that are large enough to hold 24 dinky wrapped packages or sweets. Decorate them using paint, ribbons or any other festive décor that takes your fancy. Then add numbers to your treats and pop them inside. Simple, cost effective and you can use them again year on year!

4. Use Baby Socks!

This idea is fab as it’s like opening a mini stocking each day! It’s a little bit more of an investment than the other ideas as you’ll need to buy 12 pairs of Christmas baby socks (unless you have some already of course!) which will set you back between about £10 - £15 if you shop around. But remember, the idea is to keep on using them every year to save over time!

Once you’ve got your socks, attach countdown numbers, pop in your treats and hang them on a piece of string using little pegs. We suggest suspending them over the mantelpiece as part of your festive décor.

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What Can I Put in My Advent Calendar Instead of Chocolate?

Anything and everything could go inside your advent calendar instead of chocolate. Start small with lovely (free!) gifts like Christmas poems, craft ideas and family activity suggestions. Then consider building up to little gifts like hair bobbles and crayons. As you get nearer the 25th, why not replace the idea of a Christmas Eve box by popping a final special treat, like a pair of our festive stud earrings, in their advent calendar? We have a beautiful range for you to choose from like our Reindeer Hypoallergenic Christmas Earrings, our Present Christmas Studs or our Stocking Christmas stainless steel studs. All guaranteed to put a smile on their face as they look forward to the big day!