3 Fashionable ear piercings to take your look to the next level

Although standard earlobe piercings remain as popular as ever, multiple ear piercings are a hot trend in women's fashion at the moment and have become more mainstream in recent years. Many people are experimenting with different types of ear piercing, and in doing so, are pushing the boundaries of self-expression further than ever before. Walking down the street, it's not uncommon to spot several studs and hoops sparkling in the ears of those wandering past.

Whether you've had your earlobes pierced for a while and want to bring your look bang up to date, or you want to add an edge to your style but don't know where to begin, here are a few ear-piercing ideas to get you started.

1. Multiple lobe piercings

Multiple lobe piercings are extremely popular at the moment. Whether you opt for two or three, they are a great way of updating your single-lobe piercing if you don't feel ready to venture higher up the ear and go for a cartilage piercing just yet. And once healed, you can experiment with all sorts of hoop and stud earring combos to suit your outfit and mood.

2. Helix

The helix is the next step for those who want their first piercing away from the earlobe, and are ready to handle a little more pain. They are done on the upper, outer part of the ear (the curvy bit). Although the current trend is towards several helix piercings in one ear, just one or two loops or studs still look stunning, especially when complementing multiple lobe piercings.

3. Forward helix

If you want to go one step further again, the forward helix is an-ultra stylish and ever-so-edgy piercing that isn't seen as often as the standard helix. Found on the section of cartilage just above the tragus, you could also opt for two or three piercings in this area if you're feeling brave!

Once your ear piercings have healed, you'll no doubt want to experiment with different types of earrings to find your perfect look. Solace Jewellery has a huge range of high-quality and stylish hypoallergenic earrings that are suitable for sensitive ears.