Tips to keep your ears happy!

Hopefully you have read our post on why allergies occur, and you are now an expert on which metals to avoid! 

If your skin is sensitive, just using a specific type of metal may work well, but you still run the risk of some discomfort if you do not look after your ears. I would like to share some helpful tips on keeping your ears free from irritation, allowing you to continue wearing your favourite accessories.

  • Avoid metals which cause the aggravation and try to wear hypoallergenic earrings, surgical steel usually solves the problem.
  • Wear post earrings for the first few months after your piercing, as they don't pull on your ears.
  • Don't wear your earrings 24/7, although you love your earrings so much you do not want to part, limiting the exposure helps.
  • This is also a good time to clean both your ears and the earrings, making sure there are no scratches in your jewellery that can collect dirt.
  • It's an obvious one, but try to avoid getting hair and clothing caught in your earrings.
  • Applying a powder will absorb any sweat and moisture, stopping the metal reacting. Make sure you test the powder first to make sure it does not cause your skin to react.
  • Applying cream can actually cause infection, it seals over the hole therefore preventing air form getting to the skin, and it can also trap germs and dirt. 

Following these easy steps will help you avoid the pain of metal allergies. Our aim is to help provide the best allergy free, hypoallergenic earrings, and we have been helping people wear earrings again with great results.

There is a great descriptive blog on Wikihow with all the information you could possible need on pierced ears and keeping infection out, read it here.

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